Business & Human Rights Summer School


The Business & Human Rights Summer School provides a frame of understanding of the main challenges concerning the intersection between business activities and human rights. It focuses on international legal framework and on the recent and emerging human rights-related legislation regulating corporate activities worldwide, with a specific attention to the role and obligations of States and corporations and to access to remedies for victims of corporate-related human rights abuses.

The programme is designed to provide students, academics, NGOs, lawyers, corporations, CSR experts, consultancies, institutions, public-and private-sector practitioners with comprehensive knowledge of the legal mechanisms and tools applicable in the field of business and human rights while keeping up with current relevant developments at national, regional and international level.



Angelica Bonfanti

University of Milan

Marta Bordignon

Human Rights International Corner

Marco Fasciglione

National Research Council of Italy

Chiara Macchi

Wageningen University and Research


Fabiana Brigante
Secretariat and tutors’ coordinator

3rd edition, 2020
4th edition, 2021
5th edition, 2022
6th edition, 2023

Angela Vonella

6th edition, 2023

Bianca Colette Mizzi

2nd edition, 2019

Francesca Lombardo

2nd edition, 2019

Diana Garzon

4th edition, 2021


The Business & Human Rights Summer School brings together a core teaching staff of leading specialists from around the world. Lecturers and trainers are chosen among academics, international organizations officers, NGOs activists, and practitioners thus offering a wealth of both academic and field expertise.

Please, find below a list of some of the lecturers who have delivered their lectures in the past editions of the Summer School

  • Michael Addo, Notre Dame University

  • Daniel Augenstein, University of Tilburg

  • Tulika Bansal, The Danish Institute for Human Rights

  • Greta Barbone, International Criminal Court

  • Nadia Bernaz, Wageningen University and Research

  • Flaviano Bianchini, Source International

  • Debadatta Bose, University of Amsterdam

  • Ledi Bianku, Strasbourg University, former Judge of the European Court of Human Rights

  • Claire Bright, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

  • Vania Brino, University Ca’ Foscari

  • Anna Bulzomi, PwC – Sustainability & Responsible Governance

  • Achille Caliò Marincola, Legance

  • Francesca Cancellaro, Studio Legale Gamberini

  • Cristiana Carletti, University of “Roma Tre”

  • Carmen Márquez Carrasco, University of Seville

  • Giuseppe Cataldi, University of Naples “L’Orientale”

  • Jernej Letnar Černič, Faculty of Government and European Studies, New University, Ljubljana/Kranj

  • Giacomo Maria Cremonesi, Caiazza Law Firm, Milan

  • Andrea de Guttry, Director of the Dirpolis Institute, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna

  • Pasquale De Sena, Catholic University of Milan

  • Elisa Dencheva (DELL Technologies

  • Surya Deva, Macquarie University

  • Michele Di Benedetto, UNDP Yemen

  • Rosa Federica Grassi, AssoIttica Italia

  • Jonas Grimheden, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA)

  • Valentina Grado, University of Naples “L’Orientale”

  • Ingrid Gubbay, Hausfeld – International Law Firm

  • Heidi Hautala, EP Working Group on Responsible Business Conduct

  • Tara Van Ho, University of Essex

  • Manuel Kiewisch, Global Lead Cocoa Life Monitoring & Evaluation, Learning, and Verification at Mondelēz

  • Daniel Leader, Leigh Day & Co.

  • Sheldon Leader, University of Essex

  • Virginie Mahin, Senior Manager Global Social Sustainability & Human Rights at Mondelēz

  • Francesca Mannocchi, journalist and writer, La Stampa

  • Robert McCorquodale, University of Nottingham

  • Dominique Muller, Labour Behind the Label (UK)

  • Maddalena Neglia, Fédération international des droits de l’homme (FIDH)

  • Sylvia Obregon, ECCJ

  • Swantje Pabst, Daimler AG

  • Fabrizio Petri, President of the Italian Inter-ministerial Committee of Human Rights

  • Irene Pietropaoli, British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL)

  • Paulo Pinto de Albuquerque, Católica, Lisbon School of Law and Former Judge at the European Court of Human Rights

  • Ron Popper, Global Business Initiative on Human Rights

  • Corrado Quinto, UNDP Tunisia

  • Anita Ramasastry, Washington University Law School and UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights

  • Roberto Randazzo, Legance

  • Sabrina Rau, University of Essex

  • Humberto Cantù Rivera, Monterrey University

  • Martina Rogato, Human Rights International Corner (HRIC)

  • Lucas Roorda, Utrecht University

  • Deborah Russo, University of Florence

  • Cedric Ryngaert, University of Utrecht

  • Miriam Saage-Maaß, European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR)

  • Claudia Saller, European Coalition for Corporate Justice (ECCJ)

  • Luca Saltalamacchia, ProRights

  • Channa Samkalden, Prakken d’Oliveira Human Rights Lawyers

  • Livio Sarandrea,Global Lead for Business and Human Rights, UNDP

  • Annalisa Savaresi, University of Eastern Finland;

  • Michele Scardi, University of Rome Tor Vergata

  • Andrea Shemberg, The Global Business Initiative on Human Rights GBIHR

  • Lise Smith, British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL)

  • Alessandra Stabilini, University of Milan

  • Mariana Toussaint, FAO

  • Seline Trevisanut, University of Utrecht

  • Anna Triponel, Triponel Consulting

  • Olena Uvarova, Wageningen University and Research

  • Anil Yilmaz, University of Essex (UK)

  • Angela Zarro, High Quality Food SpA